Drug inspectors beaten up

Two drug inspectors and an employee of the Baddi-based drug control administration were beaten up by Sobenmajra villagers today. They had gone to inspect a private clinic against which complaints of irregularities had been made to the Health Minister.

The team, including drug inspectors Lovely Thakur and Sonam, found 18 used syringes filled with blood and three cartons of allopathic medicines from the clinic. They confiscated it and while they were about to complete the formalities, they were attacked by an employee, who worked at the clinic, his brother and a large number of locals. They not only thrashed the trio but also snatched the items that they had confiscated.

Woman drug inspector Sonam’s clothes were also torn.

The officials later registered a complaint with the police. An FIR was lodged and the medical examination of the injured staff members of the drug department was also conducted.

Drug Controller Navneet Marwaha, while confirming the news, said an FIR had been registered with the police as staff members were badly thrashed by the unruly mob.